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Choose Lianyungang and Fanyuan for Wahaha's import business

    On January 1, 2017, Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. (including its affiliated companies) will be involved in the import business at Lianyungang port. As a professional freight forwarder, Lianyungang Fanyuan International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. will be entrusted to provide import materials (including but not limited to milk raw materials, plastic particles, equipment and spare parts) at Lianyungang port for its Wahaha Group Company (including its affiliated companies) Customs, warehousing and transportation services.

    Brand is an important intangible asset of modern enterprises. For 29 years, Wahaha Group has been insisting on brand management and the basis of brand integrity. Therefore, since the establishment of Wahaha Group, a group of high-quality quality quality inspection and supervision personnel have been trained, and the quality management of the whole staff and the whole process has been implemented, which ensures the quality of Wahaha Group's products. At the same time, Wahaha Group adheres to the principle of good faith, to consumers, to suppliers and distributors, to employees, to all people and things. It has gained good reputation, social recognition, support and support from employees, and promoted the long-term and healthy development of the enterprise.

    Cooperation with large brand enterprises enables us to learn more advanced concepts and methods in the fourth wave of technological revolution, so that we can walk out of a more solid and broad track in the logistics industry.


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