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Our company has successfully shipped a complete set of large-scale organic heat carrier boilers

    In the hot sun, the furnace body painted with white protective paint is particularly dazzling and huge, 7600x4000x4000mm. This is the unloading and packing of the last boiler body. Ring to ring, thread to thread, crystal sweat soaked tooling but no fuzzy operation rules, the corresponding heart and heart in the hot air is more calm and sincere

    As of July 28, 2016, our company has successfully completed the transportation of the whole set of equipment of longlang international ygl-4600m large organic heat carrier boiler exported to China. Since the beginning of the year, our company has carried out road exploration, comparison of export port costs, distribution and stowage of special box type parts, and selection of shipping routes according to the requirements of customers. In order to maximize the safety and minimize the cost, numerous measurements and surveys have been carried out, and numerous communications and coordination have been conducted with large-scale transportation companies and large-scale binding companies, so as to win the victory by taking advantage of the advantages of all.

    Soon this huge heat carrier boiler will be located in Sihanouk, Southeast Asia.

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