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Bonded and bonded zone processing business

    In international trade, the buyer and the seller often have trade disputes because the quality of the goods delivered does not conform to the contract. Most trade contracts stipulate that the inspection results of the loading port inspection agency are the quality of the goods delivered. Because most inspection organizations have different advantages and disadvantages, they directly print on the certificate issued "the inspection result is subject to the sample, and they will not bear legal responsibility". This causes the buyer to pay more for the goods due to the non conformity between the quality and the contract, as well as to pay import value-added tax and customs duty according to the high value of the goods in the import declaration, and even refuse to receive the goods due to the non conformity between the delivered goods and the contract found in the open case inspection of the goods in the process of customs clearance after they arrive at the port, resulting in the high use fee for overdue packing and terminal fee. In order to avoid the above situations, our company has cooperated with international well-known guarantee companies to carry out bonded business. After the goods arrive at the port, they are transferred to the bonded warehouse to unpack and declare the quality inspection of the goods. After the inspection results come out, we will pay the remaining payment according to the actual quality of the goods and handle the delivery procedures. At the same time, our company also handles bonded processing business in the bonded area.


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