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Pallet is a horizontal platform device used to place goods and products as unit load for containerization, stacking, handling and transportation. Generally, it is made of wood, metal and fiberboard, which is convenient for loading, unloading and carrying unit materials and small quantities of materials. The main types of pallets are wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Wood is the most widely used because of its cheap and strong price; plastic pallets are more expensive and have less load. However, with the progress of plastic pallet manufacturing process, some high load plastic pallets have emerged and are slowly replacing wood pallets. The metal tray is strong and durable, but it is easy to corrode and has high price.

Wood pallet: a pallet made of natural wood. It is now the most widely used because it is cheap and strong.

Main parameters: length / width / height / length / width / height error / diagonal error / rated load / maximum stacking layers / deflection / surface anti-skid coefficient

Advantages: high accuracy, not easy to deform, with high-strength screw reinforcement, will not nail, good firmness.

Type of pallet:

1. Flat tray

Flat pallets are almost synonymous with pallets. As long as a pallet is mentioned, it generally refers to flat pallets, because flat pallets are the most widely used, the largest number and the best versatility. The flat tray can be divided into three types.

① Classification according to structure and usage. There are single-sided, double-sided single-purpose, double-sided double-purpose and wing

② According to the classification of forklift insertion modes, there are three types: one-way insertion, two-way insertion and four-way insertion;

③ According to material classification. There are five kinds of pallet: wooden pallet, steel pallet, plastic pallet, composite pallet and paper pallet.

According to the preliminary investigation of more than 300 pallet production enterprises, pallet use and sales enterprises conducted by the Pallet Professional Committee (Preparatory) of China Federation of logistics and procurement in September 2002, the total number of various types of pallets owned by China at that time was about 120-160 million, which is far more than that now, with an annual increase of about 20 million. Among them, wooden flat tray accounts for about 90%, plastic flat tray accounts for 8%, steel tray, synthetic material tray and paper tray account for 2% in total. The rising proportion of composite flat tray and plastic tray is large.

2. Column tray

The column tray is divided into fixed and detachable. Its basic structure is that there are steel columns at four corners of the tray, and the upper end of the column can be connected with a beam to form a frame type. The main function of the column tray is to support the weight with the column and stack it high; the second is to prevent the goods placed on the tray from collapsing in the process of transportation and loading and unloading.

3. Box tray

Box type tray is a tray with side plates on all sides. Some boxes have top plates and some have no top plates. There are three types of box plates: fixed, foldable and detachable. There are plate type, grid type and net type fence boards around. Therefore, the box pallet with fence type fence boards around is also called cage pallet or warehouse cage. The box pallet has strong protection ability, which can prevent the collapse and damage of the goods; it can load the goods with special shape and unstable stacking, and has a wide range of application.

4. Wheel tray

Compared with column tray and box tray, wheel tray has more small wheels at the bottom. Therefore, the wheeled pallet shows the advantages of short-distance movement, self handling or roll up and roll down loading and unloading, and has a wide range of uses and strong applicability.

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