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International Railway intermodal transport

    Railway transportation is one of the main modes of modern transportation. Compared with other modes of transportation, it has a series of characteristics, such as large volume, fast speed, safety and reliability, low transportation cost, high accuracy and continuity of transportation, and little impact by climate.

    Relying on the new Eurasian Continental Bridge, our company has exerted many years of experience in international railway transportation business to handle the transfer of international intermodal transport procedures of import and export goods in various trade modes for customers; handle the Port declaration, inspection, inspection, tax payment and settlement of intermodal import and export goods; be responsible for the contract data management of import and export goods, the handling of problematic goods, correction of wrong shipment and wrong transportation Order and supplement of documents; Commission of the consignor to handle the plan change of import and export goods and the direct allocation, allocation and distribution at the port; handle the import and export handover and transfer of large international railway containers; store, keep, transfer and rent on behalf of the consignor; unpack, split, allocate and transfer the empty containers; handle the processing, handling and reverse delivery of the damaged export goods, and be responsible for the import and export goods Relevant documents sending, goods consulting and information services; handling domestic insurance and insurance of railway intermodal import and export goods at the port on behalf of the consignor; handling warehousing, shipment and escort of import and export goods; and handling other entrusted businesses.


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