Chemical and dangerous

Chemical and dangerous goods transportation

    Due to the dangerous nature of dangerous goods, strict rules and regulations have been formulated in the transportation process of dangerous chemicals. The transportation of dangerous goods involves many links. In order to ensure the safety of transportation, many documents and certificates need to be submitted according to the regulations. Therefore, only experienced professional dangerous goods transportation team knows how to operate the transportation of dangerous goods better.

    Our company has a dangerous chemicals professional transportation team composed of several dangerous goods declarators and loading supervisors who have been trained by the maritime bureau and obtained national certificates. We have strong strength in the transportation of chemicals, dangerous goods and liquid chemicals (tank containers). Through the Alfa global logistics agent network platform, we have realized global door-to-door delivery logistics services (such as DDU trade terms delivery party Type). We also cooperate with professional tank service center to provide one-stop service of tank leasing, inspection, maintenance, cleaning and annual inspection.


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