Ordinary box business

General cargo transportation


    The company mainly provides port-to-port, port-to-door, door-to-door international logistics services, including warehousing and transportation, domestic transshipment, agent booking, sea transportation, air transportation and international multimodal transport of all kinds of import and export goods. The company has independently developed a perfect cargo computer operation software, which can monitor all aspects of each ticket business in the whole process, truly achieve the e-commerce, and can provide customers with one-stop logistics query at any time, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of business. The main ports have perfect agencies, which can provide customers with real door-to-door services. With COSCO, CSCL, MSK, NYK, CMA, YML, WHL and other well-known shipping companies, we have a long-term good cooperative relationship, and fully achieve the seamless link between cargo and ship.

Lianyungang city far-famed international cargo agebnt Co.,Ltd.